Our Story

The global handicraft industry has seen drastic changes in the last thirty years, with the decades old art of metal forging, forming and casting becoming a lost art. We at RTZY have made it our mission to empower our second and third generation artisans with modern manufacturing tools allowing them to efficiently create high quality products using their ancestral artistic skills. All our products are hand-made, keeping the “hand” in handicraft.



We not only just manufacture one of the best metal handicrafts globally, but we also believe in creating sustainable jobs and empowering our artisans to keep the art alive and build a brighter future for themselves.  We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.


We are family-run enterprise with handcrafted manufacturing expertise dating back to 1982. Our leadership team has decades of combined experience in international professional kitchens, home decor creations and industrial engineering.